Arbejdsgiverne - the Danish Employers' Association for Industrial and Construction Enterprises

Arbejdsgiverne is the employers' and industrial association for 2,000 small and medium-sized enterprises with a total of about 16,500 employees.
The member enterprises operate in a variety of sectors such as manufacturing, smithery, crafts, plumbing, heating and sanitation.

We offer a wide variety of services to our member enterprises e.g. legal advice, technical courses, professional consultancy services and advice within finance, administration, export, education, business development etc.

Arbejdsgiverne has 17 local associations all over Denmark.

Arbejdsgiverne is the largest member association in SMEdenmark.

The information on our web site is in Danish but please do not hesitate to contact us, if you need further information.


Chairman: Fleming Frederiksen

Business hours: Monday - Thursday: 8 AM to 3.30 PM, Friday: 8 AM to 3 PM

Magnoliavej 2
DK - 5250 Odense SV
Phone +45 6617 3333
Fax: +45 6617 3230



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Steen Hoeck Klausen

Head of International Relations
Steen Hoeck Klausen
Phone: +45 6617 3333
Direct: +45 6317 3395


Lise Daldorph

Head of International Marketing
Lise Daldorph
Phone: +45 6617 3333
Direct: +45 6317 3368